Creativity Just for Change Life (Lighting Intelligent Broom)

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Writer:Wesson / Plamd

Science& technology and creativity are often in order to create more beautifullife! Sometimes, adding a little creativity on the originally familiar thingscan create different surprise for our life………


Forexample, the broom in our daily life integrated the elements of lighting &intelligent will inject an interesting & intelligent lighting broom!


Yes, itis! The intelligent broom integrated sweep & intelligent lighting &convenient & functional. Today, it comes to our real life from the designer’screativity.


With itwe won’t worry about can’t see the dust & sundries in dark area whensweeping, because it can do as per your different needs to make intelligentlighting or standardization lighting when you clean the floor.


There isa low power consumption & high brightness LED on the intelligent broomhead, and it has internal rechargeable lithium battery, it is convenient &safe for user to use without installing batteries or external power supply.There is a switch on the handle of intelligent broom and we can let it normallyon when using it, also can make it emit no light in the well-lighted place& automatic light in the dark place through the switch & built-inintelligent induction system.


Creativityjust for change life!


Hope this intelligent broomcan ignite your creative feelings and let you sweep off all the troubles &unhappy in 2014 and all obstacles & difficulties in 2015 to make richcreativity & exaltation in the year of goat.

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