Rolls-Royce Luxury Factory: the Comfort Makes No Friends

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Writer:Wesson / Plamd

Global Luxurypronoun—the factories of Rolls-Royce is located in headquarters of England,which is extremely luxury, the luxury factors not only lie in the overallatmosphere & concise & noble flavor, but also in the top luxurylighting design, all this make the comfort of Rolls-Royce factory shocked theworld, that is good to have no friends!


Now, let’s go intothe Rolls-Royce to feel the charm of light together~~


The perfect & comfortablelighting makes the entire factory looks more like a spotless top comfortableparking lot.


The assembly linesof Rolls-Royce Ghost & Wraith, the yellow trolley in the picture is usedfor replacing the conveyor belt of the vehicle transmission. Although youcouldn’t see LED Lamps clear form the picture, you can also feel this factorywith five-star hotel lighting design from the comfortable color temperature oflamps.


Rolls-Royce providethe models color swatches room which adopted top lighting distribution to showit for customers select. The details are enough to present the charm of world-classluxury automobile brand with 110 years history.


Rolls-Royce workers’overalls & other peripheral accessories also let you feel to enter into theinternational brand stores. And the lighting design exist in little place.


The workers areassembling parts for the vehicle, and the lighting environment makes you feelalmost not tired.


The comfortablelighting environment in the assembly plant & modern grade office are evenbetter.


The workshop looksmore like the exhibition hall of auto parts. The bright light makes people notonly won’t feel unwell, and make the conditions appear clean & comfortable,but also can let us feel the true color of auto parts.


The display ofparts area looks like the library, and it is ok to pursuit the exquisite lightnot for more lights.


Is there asupermarket shopping feeling~~


The beauty &luxurious car with warm & comfortable lighting.


Finally, may smackof factory in this picture, and still can make people feel comfortable.

The workers in thecomfortable light to happily work & share & live.


Rolls –Royce’sfamous starlight roof. The workers are decorating the hood with starlightpattern.  It is very difficult to makethe starlight pattern wear into the leather & connected to the around LEDlights which is extremely refined process and completely rely on artificial tocomplete the whole process.

What will be a kindof mood to visit the factory…….

Phantom—Rolls-Royce’stop models.


The first editionRolls-Royce Phantom transmission device appears to be more exquisite in theperfect lighting design.


It is the “power”of Phantom to drive 2 tons.


Finally, let’sappreciate 2pcs classic work of Rolls-Royce to end the tour of Rolls-Royce& Light!


Rolls-Royce SoapboxRace was awarded the best design.


This, needless tosay, you also know!---Phantom

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