Lighting, Can Be Printed?

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Writer:Wesson / Plamd

Lighting is alwaysa carrier of lighting and art.

When it comes to lighting,the first thing we think is all sorts of lamps shed mottled colors, however, ifthe lamps can also like a printer to print paper and be ultrathin to print itout, so that the lighting can be printed, you will not feel incredible?


Yes, as above ultrathinglows picture is not a piece of paper, but today we are going to share that thelamps can make the lighting to be printed—LightPaper.

LightPaper iscreated by a venture company Rohinni in Idaho America, its design as thin aspaper make it become a veritable LightPaper! Can be on any surface (such asmobile phone, wall, car shape, office table, design office etc) to realizepersonalized lighting cover!


LightPapertechnical principle is that combined printing ink and subtle LED lamp as awhole to print on special conductive layer, you can print any patterns youwant, ultrathin style with a personalized print that make it become a powersniper to subvert the traditional lamps and challenge LED ultrathin lighting.


This lighting likethe light of numerous personalized LOGO, with computer and printer operation,the personalized print on any planes we want.

LightPaper, do youlike it?

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