Wi-Fi, Will Be Out ???

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Nowadays, Networkhas been extended to every corner in our life, especially in the era of Wi-Fi,Network has occupied most of countless people’s time.

So to speak, rapidcoming of 2G, 3G & 4G era, undoubtedly Wi-Fi technology has played a hugerole.


But now, Wi-Fiwill be faced with revolutionary impact of a new technology, it is Li-Fi (visible lighting wireless communication technology ), which invented by theGerman Physicist Herald Haas and his research team at the University of Edinburgh.According to Haas, 10 years ago, he has idea for use of lighting to spread thedata, because he realized the 4G era is coming and the devices for using disseminatingdata won’t keep up with demand soon, he started to research LED and inventedLi-Fi Technology.


At present, this technologywith rapid development and widely received in the industry. Because of itswidespread application prospect, and can be security of data transmission inthe closed space, due to the lighting spreads along straight line, and peoplecan’t get information without lighting.


Due to the rapidpopularization of LED Light Source, the Li-Fi Technology Lighting Router ( LEDLamp ) will blossom everywhere in the future, and the advantages will become abig competition with Wi-Fi. What’s more, we don’t have to worry about the signalis bad, how many LED Lamps overhead, we will have many wireless router. Then wewill worry the signal is too strong. Aha!


For the prospectof Li-Fi technology, Edinburgh Research and Innovation Bureau CEO Derek Wardell believes it will create new and $6 billion information market in the world.


With the constant development of LED Light Source Technology, Li-Fi will usher in a new turning point and opportunities. Once mature application, the prime function of LED Lamps will be the information transmission not the lighting in the future.


A light, a network world. Let’s wait and see!

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