< Oh, My God > LED Can Do Mask?

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Everyoneknows mask and there are so many materials for mask in the World. If tell youthe lighting can be mask, there will be so many people feel so surpriseespecially for the women.


Technologyalways create future and benefit life. With technology development of LEDLighting Industry, which makes LED products outshine on Lighting and also playsa special role in the medical beauty. Such as the LED Mask will be a hardevidence.


Using lighting to beauty and invented the LED mask is byTraditional Chinese Medicine Doctor John Tsagaris who has unique opinions forskin care and beauty. The blue lighting with anti-inflammatory can improve skinand the red lighting can promote the increase of skin collagen which made Johnhave an idea for LED Mask.

With rapid development of LED Lighting and medicine, LED mask isin constant upgrade which gradually developed massage, beauty and accessoriesfor integrated multi-function mask. Such as, in the Halloween, there are a lotof people DIY LED mask as Halloween Cosplay Artifact, and play with joy andbeauty.

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