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The development and originalityof light constantly challenge our field of vision.The illusion and fantasy of light also constantly change our life. Recently, thenew light in Kickstarter with subversive ideas appeared in oursight which is likely to rewrite the light source history.


The light named “ Sunn Light ” creative designed by Kelton Ray Minor. Themain idea is willing to let you easily feel the sunrise and sunset at home, andglobal all-weather exactly simulate the sunshine changes in 24 hours.


Through smartphone applications, the Sunn Light can accuratelysimulate the color changes of the sunshine which makes the rays over the worldsynchronization, and according to the sunrise and sunset  can intelligently change the light intensity ofthe ray that can let you feel the sunshine at home.


The creative intelligence ray can let us smelling the firstpotpourri wakeup in the amber light, also can let us light the faint moonlight beside the bedat the full of sleep night. Another, if you want to travel or on a businesstrip, it can also allow you to adapt to the destination time in advance whichlet you reduce the jet lag response.


Andall this can be easily realized in the house of every one of us, we can feelthe beautiful sunshine even if the storm outside and bad weather. At the sametime, the Sunn Light can also supports DIY adjustment which let you do as yourwishes to control the Lighting when you want to adjust the ray.

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