【You Must Like To Feel 】 the Lighting Shadow Shuttle of Self-luminous Road

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Rapid depletion of global energy, make more and more new energysaving objects one by one available.

Recently, Netherlandscapital Amsterdam N329 highway is staged "Self-luminous" energy saving performance.


Road engineers use luminous paint which can absorb sunlightduring the day and provide up to 10 hours lighting for road at night.

The road line marking and fluorescence performance of luminouspaint will make the drivers feel a fresh magic lighting shadow shuttle.


Netherlands “Self-luminous”road is part of the innovative design conceptfor energy-saving intelligent road. Accordingto the domestic and foreign media reports: the Self-luminous Road,Smart Interaction Sensor Light, DynamicsPaint, Lighting Induction Priority Lanes etc. will be realized in the future 5years.

The future road lighting will achieve more environmentalprotection, energy saving, intelligent and interactive, the drivers can interactwith other vehicles by lighting and road.


With the constant overlap of technology andcreativity, the road illumination fluorescent paintwill be more and more intelligent, such as adding the paint withtemperature change and show different patterns which can provide weather functionfor drivers.


As shown above,   the road will appear snowflake to remind thedrivers to icy roads and pavement skid when the temperature is below   5 °

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